Jeevan Rekha (Hindi)
Star Cast
Star Cast
Pran, Farida Jalal, Tabrez, Jajaj Agha, Khesto Mukherjee, Chandrashekhar, Asit Sen, Arpana Chaudhry, K. N. Singh, Manmohan, Faryal & Ajit.
Nanak Film Pvt. Ltd.
Nanabhai Bhatt
Written By
Mahesh Bhatt
Sumanraj & Jagdish J.

The best of intellects and artistic talents are sometimes refused by the society due to the lack of the so called present exploitation of humanity.

Refusing which, two ambitious young boys VIKRAM and AJAY are forced into the grips of starvation and find it ultimately impossible to exist in the present environment. Unwantingly derived by the circumstances, they are forced into the criminal world and kidnap a multi-millionair's niece to solve their monetary problems.

To their surpirse, instead of resisting, she feels happy of being brought out from the restricted life, she led at her uncle's place.

By the time they approach the uncle for a ransom, they are jotted by the developments asking them to involve more deeply into the criminal world.

In the meantime some more charactors who can be benefited by the murder of this innocent girl, chase them into the jungle by sending roughians to solve their purpose.

Resisting and hiding in the jungle from police as well as murderers, which makes their lived hell, they fall into the hands of a third man, who being a forest officer, is another pillar into the making of miseries.

Being taken into the custody of the forest officer, becoming helpless they watch silently the hights the crime reaches and finally explodes into ...

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