Dil Ki Kalam Se (TV Serial - Hindi)
Star Cast
Star Cast
Dilip Dhawan, Sree Pradha, Vijay Kashyap, Dharam Taneja, Satyan Kapoo, Yunus Parvez, Sahil Chaturvedi, Dimple Parekh, Bramchari, Suresh Chatwal, Ajay Wadhawkar, Pallavi, Jyoti Talukdar, Aarif Zakaria
Nanak Film Pvt. Ltd.
Arvind Swami
Written By
Sanjeev Datta
Pratibha Dutt
A famous horror film writer is offered to write a love story. The producer wishes to make a film on a love story which portrays the complexities, Joy and Pain of love in a realistic way. The writer has never fallen in love, so he decides to buy the love letters from various sources in order to understand, feel and portray different shades of love affairs, This offer to buy love letters re-opens the healed wounds of the people who possess love letters of their ex-lovers.

As the people come to him to sell love letters, stories of funny, romantic and sometimes love affairs untold before the writer; and then one day, a thief steals all the love letters, bought by the writer.
The thief devices a plan.......... blackmail them..........after lots of twists and turns the writer succeeds in writing a love story based on those letters, and finds that the film based on his story, becomes a box office hit.

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