Deewane Ho Gaya (Hindi)
Star Cast
Star Cast
Caran Kapoor, Balram Kaushik, Shilpa Anand, Mustaq Khan, Neena Kulkarni.
Season 9 Productions.
Sunil Agnihotri
Written By
Jalees Sherwani
Afsar - Sajid.

This life is beautiful, and so are the people but Ruchi and Rahul are among the best of the bunch. They have grown together and learnt to fight at a slightest Provocation; neither can they live without each other nor with each nor with each other. They are in the same class doing a course in tourism. They have a group of friends known as ANGELS, a very closely knit group; Rahul does not have a family so he treats Ruchi’s Mother as his own even Ruchi’s mother treats him as a family member. Women always feel secure when a man is around, he may be a grand father, father, husband or a son. So Rohan’s presence in the house makes a difference.
The college gives an assignment to the students to go to a tourist spot for a survey; the spot has to be promoted as a tourist destination. The students have to submit a report as to how this destination can be promoted as a tourist’s heaven. Students are told by the college authorities that they will meet a senior student as their guide at the given spot. The guide will help them in their research work. The group leaves with a funny teacher in charge. Ruchi’s Mother takes assurance from Rahul that he will take care of Ruchi.
The group reaches the destination and next morning they meet Rohan, the prince charming. Rohan bolds everybody over but is bold himself when his eyes fall on ruche. He is mesmerized by the beauty and the charm of innocence. He does not waste much of the time and reveals his true feelings for Ruchi. Ruchi has never heard these three magical words uttered by a man to her, Rohan and Ruchi fall in love and Ruchi finds it so thrilling that she runs to inform about her new found amusement to her best friend Rahul.
Rahul is devastated upon hearing that Ruchi loves some one else than him, he confronts her and reveals that he always loved her, shocked Ruchi feels betrayed because his best friend had such feelings about hr and on top of it always kept to himself. An emotional drama takes place between the two friends. Rahul is habitually late every time, this time also is late in telling his feelings for her and now becomes a loser.
Rahul confronts Rohan and asks him to leaves this place and never look back towards Ruchi. Rohan mocks him says if you could not express Your love to Ruchi is your life, I am in love with Ruchi and shall remain in love for ever. Ruchi is the first and last girl in my life and I do not care a foot if you go and commit suicide over this matter so go and sob in a corner like a child who has lost his favorite toy.
Ruchi is very upset over this development and tries to reason out with both the men in her life but in vein. Ruchi takes it to her heart and falls sick. Now every one tries to cheer her up but she has given up. Upon realizing what has gone wrong both Rohan and Rahul try to disassociate them selves from love but Ruchi is not a fool she understand that they are doing so to please her.
Ruchi is brought back to the city and admitted in a hospital. When Ruchi’s mother is informed about her condition, Rahul had to do a lot of explanation since he had taken her responsibility.
Doctors in the hospital explain Ruchi’s conditions as critical since it seems that she has given up the will to live. Now both the boys come to terms with the reality and become friends to save Ruchi’s life since their common aim is to love Ruchi and see to it that she is always happy. But fate has other design for her and one day she leaves every thing behind and goes where no body has come back from.

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